Features of Professional Edition

Administration of Relevant Persons and Closely Related Parties
  • Establish a personal compliance account for every person who is to be treated as a Relevant Person within the meaning of MiFID
  • Have complete overview on various types of internal and external Relevant Persons
  • Maintain the register of companies and persons with close links to Relevant Persons within the meaning of MiFID
Personal Transactions
  • Apply pre-trade clearance procedure for Personal Transactions within the meaning of article 12 of Directive 2006/73/EC
  • Check whether entering into certain Personal Transactions should be refused because of access to inside information regarding a particular instrument or issuer
  • Maintain records on authorizations and prohibitions in connection with Personal Transactions
  • Be informed and maintain records on all Personal Transactions entered by Relevant Persons or persons closely linked to them
Control the Risk of Market Abuse and Conflicts of Interest
  • Apply the best industry standards and compliance procedures regarding the handling of price sensitive information as well as information which may give rise to a conflict of interest
  • Have a comprehensive overview as to which price sensitive information the Relevant Person has or has had access to
  • Have a comprehensive overview as to which particular conflict-of-interest sensitive information the Relevant Person has or has had access to
  • Maintain project-specific insider lists in situations where your firm is involved in price sensitive matters (preparation of M&A transactions and other Corporate Finance matters) regarding publicly traded companies
  • Maintain a project-specific list of Relevant Persons involved in processing of large orders
Communication Tools
  • Automatic generation of pre-defined and customizable e-mail templates as part of various internal compliance risk management procedures
  • All e-mails generated and sent out by the system are fully traceable
Web-Based Self-Service Access
  • You will be able to provide each Relevant Persons with controlled access to their personal compliance account so that Relevant Persons will be able to:
    • update changes in their personal data
    • declare closely linked persons and update changes
    • check price sensitive as well as conflict-of-interest sensitive matters where the Relevant Person is or has been involved
    • verify the co-insiders on particular price sensitive matters (optional)
    • submit pre-clearance applications prior to trading
    • declare Personal Transactions on one’s own behalf as well as on the behalf of closely linked persons
Availability of Compliance Records
  • All compliance records centralized in powerful database
  • Each record covered by audit trail
  • All records available via a powerful report generation engine able to produce a comprehensive list of reports to cover all your internal and external needs
Technology and Security
  • Fully web-based application which you can run in-house within your own IT infrastructure or host on the server of a reliable service-provider (see INSIDeR On-Demand)
  • Most sensitive data fields are encrypted in the system database
  • Username and password protected access to ensure that data is available only to authorized users. If requested LDAP or Active Directory integration is available
  • Encryption of the traffic between the browser-based client interface and the application by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  • Full audit trail
  • Optional availability of additional security methods
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