Our Business Concept

The compliance professionals of our clients – publicly traded companies, banks, and investment firms - have never before had so important role to play in protecting and enhancing corporate value and reputation in the face of regulator and stakeholder demands for greater integrity, accountability, and adherence to applicable laws, regulations, codes of conduct, and standards of best practice.

The purpose of the compliance function is to assist our clients in managing their compliance risk, which is defined as the risk of legal or regulatory sanctions, financial loss, or loss to reputation that can occur as a result of failure to comply with applicable laws, rules, and standards.

We help our clients with the identification and management of compliance risk in those areas of European securities law which are of the greatest importance in terms of market integrity, investor confidence, and severity of potential impact to your company.

The management of compliance risk is often viewed as a service delivered by compliance professionals through the set of organizational, legal and technical solutions, systems and controls.

Our role is to ensure that your compliance team is equipped with the best solutions, which could help to deliver the highest quality of compliance risk management service for your company and its internal and external stakeholders.

We supply your compliance professionals with solutions developed and delivered in accordance with the following guiding principles:
  • Meeting the highest EU standards and best practices: Our product development involves thorough comparative analysis of the transposition of EU acquis in leading EU jurisdictions to make sure that our solutions have incorporated and support the implementation of highest EU compliance standards and best practices in the area. 
  • Service based approach: We view every procedure, check, and control imposed on your staff and management for the compliance risk management purposes as a service that needs to be available in line with modern high quality service standards in terms of efficiency, user-friendliness, automation, availability, and reliability. Our solutions deliver that – compliance reporting, checking or updating records and other operations are, to the extent permitted and appropriate, available on an easy-to-use, self-service basis. The aim of our solutions is to eliminate any unnecessary phone calls, paperwork, and even keystrokes by replacing them with secure, simple, and easy to use interactive web-technology. 
  • Cultivating awareness and compliance culture: Well-designed workflows and the interactive application of compliance procedures delivered by our solutions will enforce the awareness, culture of ethics, and integrity throughout your organization so that everyone who needs to know really knows how the affairs involving compliance risk need to be handled.
  • Truly effective risk management: Compliance risk management is not about producing enough Excel sheets to please the regulators. It has to provide true protection not only against the risks of the company but also risks faced by managers and employees. That is exactly what our solutions are designed to deliver and do so in multi-national and cross-border environments.
  • Flexibility of deployment: You can chose between different deployment (On-demand versus In-house) options depending on your internal IT resource availability, and the level of comfort to have a reliable third party hosting our compliance solutions for you.
  • Cost-efficiency and availability: Our transparent and fair pricing policy makes our solutions equally affordable for everyone in the industry, ranging from large international blue chip companies and financial institutions to companies traded on less-regulated multilateral trading venues and through smaller brokerage houses.
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