Contact CSA Partners

CSA Partners has offices in our main markets to serve you better. Our headquarters are located in Tallinn, Estonia. For other details regarding CSA Partners, please look at the Fact Sheet page on the right hand menu.

Please find the closest office to you and you are welcome to contact us.

  • Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia
    Postal address: Käära tee 17, Viimsi 74008 Estonia
    Contact person: Mr. Mait Kivimets
    Phone: +372 516 9047
  • Sales office: Stockholm, Sweden
    Postal address: Torstenssonsgatan 3, SE 114-56 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Sales office: Helsinki, Finland - Tofuture Oy
    Address: Keilaranta 16B, 02150 Espoo, P.O. Box 11, FI-02131 Espoo, Finland
    Contact person: Mr. Veli Kalle Tavakka
    Tel: +358 400 402 230 /
  • Customer Support Centre
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